ORNet Editor 2.0 is Here

ORNet Editor 2.0 is here

We are glad to announce that the ORNet Editor 2.0 is ready and live.

ORNet Editor 2.0 is a full-scale Windows 10 software solution that enables surgical teams and pathologists to process clinical images, videos, and data once the procedure is complete. That means, they are no longer bound to ORs and labs to process images and data files.

This new version gives the capability of doing all the work from personal computers (based on hospital privacy policy). You can edit clinical images, add annotations using custom or commonly used terms, calibrate images, edit videos, create patient reports, and archive the images once done.

Furthermore, the new ORNet Editor also allows users to access data files from the archives for the purpose of pre procedural analysis or post-procedure comparisons. You can also compare changes from the previous patient samples and see the difference.

And that is just the beginning.

What’s New

– Ability to use it on the personal computer

– User-Friendly Interface

– Scalability – Fits screens of all sizes

– Easy installation via organisational server

– Improved Calibration Assistance – Accessing archived data for Pre-procedure analysis or for comparison